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IPO Mini Initial Public Offering

Any business can go public with our Mini IPO program

When you go public and follow proper regulatory requirement you can sell stock directly to investors. Private companies are very limited when it comes to raising capital - since they must adhere to strict private placement rules to do so - they can only raise money from a few sources, such as: friends, family members, and very close business associates.

However, if you file a registration statement with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), and follow all of the other regulations involved, you may be permitted to advertise and perhaps contract for the services of an IPO underwriter to sell your stock. You do not need to find IPO underwriters nor do you need investment banking firms in order to go public.

Our IPO consultant service will allow you to go public without having to depend on an investment bankers. We can then introduce your company to sources of capital, including a network of Investment Bankers and other financial groups. Our IPO advisory services will allow your company to be able to compete with the big firms when trying to raise capital. Our IPO consulting services will make it possible for your company to go public in a fast and assured manner.

IPO Consultant and Initial Public Offering Services

Traditionally in an IPO, you would go to an investment bank that could act as an IPO underwriter and ask them to raise capital. They would then use their best efforts to have their associated brokers raise capital for you.

We will take your company public and then go to all of the smaller brokerage firms, that don’t engage in providing going public services - but can sell your company's stock to their clients when you do go public - and we can set up conference calls and in person meeting with the principals of the investment banking firms.

It may also be possible to sell stock directly to investors if you follow all of the SEC procedures, such as filing a registration statement and other regulatory guidelines. We will then proceed to guide your company to find the best possible funding through our IPO advisory services. Our database has just about every type of investment fund there is such as venture capital firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, PIPES funds which are Private Investment in Public Equities. We also have institutional investment funds and pension funds.

This allows you to be independent and raise capital on your own terms, without having to depend on a middle man. If you believe in your company, then perhaps it is something you should try. If you are contemplating becoming a publicly traded company our IPO consulting services will help your company get there! You will also want to sign up for our regular updates if you are interested in information and news about IPO's.

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