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                  We take companies public. If you would like to take your company
                  public, please contact us at (310) 888-1195 or email us for a free report.
                  We believe advisors should be properly paid for referrals when applicable

IPO Mini Initial Public Offering

Any business can go public with our Mini IPO program

When you go public and follow proper regulatory requirement you can do a direct public offering. Private companies are very limited when it comes to raising capital - since they must adhere to strict private placement rules to do so - they can only raise money from a few sources, such as: friends, family members, and very close business associates.

However, if you file a registration statement with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), and follow all of the other regulations involved, you may be able to find your own IPO underwriter to sell your stock. The underwriter must be a broker dealer.

You do not need to find IPO underwriters nor do you need investment banking firms in order to go public. However, going public will not necessarily raise capital.

Our IPO consultant service will allow you to go public without having to depend on an investment bankers. However, this would not be an initial public offering. Please remember we are not underwriters nor brokers. We do not know if you will be able to locate an underwriter, nor if you will be able to raise capital.

We take companies public via S-1 registration statements without simultaneously raising capital.

IPO Consultant and Initial Public Offering Services

Traditionally in an IPO, you would go to an investment bank that could act as an IPO underwriter and ask them to raise capital. They would then use their best efforts to have their associated brokers raise capital for you.

Our services are only to take a company public without an underwriter and without raising capital. However, if you find an underwriter we are happy to be your IPO consultant.

Contact Information:
Telephone:(310) 888-1195

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