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IPO Guide: A Step By Step Guide On How To Do An IPO.

The IPO process require extreme due diligence for any business that seeks to file for an Initial Public Offering. When deciding to venture into the public markets, it is of crucial importance to be guided by an IPO guide that is well versed with the IPO guidelines.

The steps required to file for an IPO are many. The following IPO guidebook will explain a basic overview of the IPO process:

1) The Disclosure:
The process begins by finding a good lawyer in addition to an experienced IPO guide. A law firm with knowledgeable with the IPO process helps the company prepare a thorough financial and operational disclosure. This is a grueling and detailed process, and it only lays the foundation for the prospectus -- a document that must be on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission before the IPO can be offered.

2) The Prospectus:
The prospectus is the evolved form of the disclosure. It includes detailed information on every major move made by the company from the beginning of its history. This includes all leases, contracts, partnership deals, legal issues, government interactions of any kind employment-related decisions, marketing and sales relationships and all financial statements. IPO guidelines state that these must be gathered, collated and formatted in a special, chronological presentation that can often run into many pages.

3) Underwriting:
The prospectus may still be in process at the time when the company starts making connections with investment banks. An investment bank must serve as the IPO's underwriter -- or a "lead underwriting firm" can take the helm while directing the activities of multiple banks. The bank or banks will collaborate with the company's executive team to set the opening price of the stock.

4) IPO Road Show:
Coordinating with the underwriter along with its IPO guide, the company's lead decision-makers will "hit the road" to meet with mutual fund managers and stock analysts. The purpose is to gauge the level of interest in the stock and provide face time that will inspire greater purchase volume. At this time, the lead bank recruits firms that have expressed a willingness to disseminate the stock.

5) Opening Day:
After gathering all this information, a final offering price is set and the last version of the prospectus is submitted. Then after sometime a registration statement is declared effective. If your underwriting broker is able to raise capital for you, then company must turn its attention to the best use of its newfound equity capital.

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