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IPO consultants and Going Public

Going public, the better alternative to a reverse merger with a public shell

“Going Public” is the procedure of selling shares that were once held by a private company to the general investing public for the very first time; at other times it has also been called an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Many experienced businessmen have the grand dream of taking their private company public by seeking dependable IPO advice. The financial incentives and rewards of becoming a publicly traded company include IPO resources and opportunities not available to private companies. Of course, the prestige and glamour of the going public process are palpable milestones of success when a formerly private company goes public.

The new financial responsibilities associated with a public company, can make it a daunting proposition, demanding the utmost of the company. The go public and taking a business and transforming it into a public company is quite a process because it is a multifaceted procedure involving many skills, business disciplines, and advice from counsel to act as your guide.

When private companies choose to go public, the usual reason is to raise capital. A basic understanding of the many ways private companies can go public and what securities laws are relevant is in order, and the need to weigh options clearly, is a must. These are some of the possible benefits of taking a company public:

 The available sources of capital & investors will usually multiply because you can now approach    many more prospective investors

  Investors - as well as company directors should have an exit strategy to sell their shares and possibly recoup their investment capital

  Raising capital is usually easier, and if investment attention about your company grows, it could uphold a secondary trading market in your stock

  By offering stock options your company can attract and retain qualified personnel

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